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Kate Geneviene, PhD Researcher

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Founder of ChromaSpace


Cody Lestelle, PhD Researcher

Game Designer

Cody Lestelle is the founder and director of the Academy for Gameful & Immersive Learning Experiences. Lestelle holds a Master of Autonomous Organization from UniTierra (University of the Earth) Oaxaca, Mexico.

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Katerina Pits

Game Composer & Special Effects Artist

Kateryna Pits [ #VJkET] New Media Artist with areas of expertise in experimental action-oriented, neuro-techno-cyber-magic, rigorous antiontotheoteleophallophonologocentric discipline uniting a wide collection of transgressive practices, which, equated in a proper way, makes it possible to diagonally traverse the multivers.


Rocky Gangle, PhD

Game Designer

Rocky Gangle is a logician, a senior research fellow at The Global Center for Advanced Studies and a full professor of philosophy at Endicott College in Boston.